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Like Ren getting used to his human body but he still acts like a dog and its the cutests thing in the world and Kou just goes nuts over how adorable that is. 

Aoba and Koujaku get mad at him for encouraging Ren to continue his doggy habbits. Kou just thinks it’s quirky and cute and there’s nothing wrong with him wanting to go out for walks or play Frisbee.  Ren is happy that Kou doesn’t get upset or embarrassed of him when he does something a human wouldnt do. Kou just laughs it off and gives him a pat on the head or something. It helps Ren settle into things with a more positive experience rather than possibly being worried about “is this an ok thing for me to do as a human” because even if it isnt, Kou isn’t going to yell at him =w= 

idk where im going with this but the moral of the story is that KouRen is really cute cause its just two dorks being cuties together 


i cant believe how fucking hard i ship this im so angry


KouRen is really important to me because I love Kou and I love Ren having dog habits as a human. so like Kou would probably try to give Ren dog treats as a joke but then Ren would just eat it and enjoy it cause how is Ren supposed to know he isn’t allowed to like dog treats????? 

Kou would just laugh a lot but find it so cute and just go up on his tippytoes to ruffle Ren’s hair (ren is taller then kou im pretty sure) and it would just be so cute 

sooooo cute 

also Koujaku and Aoba get together because I said so


for the sei dmmd_69min prompt on twitter !


for the sei dmmd_69min prompt on twitter !

This is a Rhyme battlefield.

Makoto is so good with children ༼ ༎ຶ ෴ ༎ຶ༽


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